Happy Employee Solutions


Teamspect is an emerging leader in employee engagement technology.

Our UNIQUE philosophy and approach allows the most effective execution of employee engagement programs with real, measurable results. Check the Solutions menu for details on our ready-to-go solutions and more.

What happens at my business?

Select solutions best for your team

  • selecting the best combination of team engagement campaigns
  • ranging from motivational nudges to better company-wide events

Hands-off execution of the campaigns

  • technology for automated execution, optimized participation
  • automated emails, calendar, workflow, feedback processing

Understand the impact

  • metrics, visualizations, reports – at your fingertips
  • measure improvement of your organization

Check the Solutions menu for full details

What happens to my business?


  • enhanced trust and teamwork accross the entire organization
  • engaged employees and managers
  • happier employees and reduced attrition


  • alignment with mission and values
  • improved processes and increased productivity

Bottom line

  • happier employees = better business

What’s so special?


  • regular small-group, face-to-face interactions – most effective for building empathy, trust and teamwork
  • enhanced effectiveness of company-wide events

Teamspect Engine

  • AI-based software to analyze and optimize team building efforts
  • reflects feedback, metrics, and inclusiveness


  • crowdsourced repositories of ideas, campaigns, activities, venues
  • variations and new ideas critical for capturing interest

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