What's in the Name

What's in the Name

Posted on by Richard Nemec

Teamspect etymology

Two origins are obvious: TEAM and RESPECT. But what has the movie “AVATAR” to do with this?

The third origin: “I SEE YOU!

  1. Respect is one of the main building blocks of functioning corporate culture. Respect helps employees (and managers) to better do their job, trusting each other in doing their best. In respectful environment, participants are more engaged, if not even happier. Lack of respect, on the other hand, among team members relates to terms like micromanagement, silos or just plain jerkism.
  2. We believe that even tiny amount of mutual respect at individual level has ability to aggregate to departments or functional units within the whole organization (the team). Once it reaches critical mass, the departments start behaving with more respect towards each other. This results in taking down the walls and gaps between different groups, departments and silos at most companies.
  3. The word root “-spect” means “to see”. Many good words derived from “-spect“: respect, perspective, aspect, spectrum, prospect…
  4. The root “spect” in “Teamspect” also brings memories of the Na’vi greeting from the movie Avatar. “I see you” has a deeper meaning of understanding and respecting each other. And in other, real languages it relates to connecting to each other or importance of being “seen” by others. Sawubona.

Teamspect is all of the above. From seeing each other, inciting respect at individual level, aggregating to the team level.

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