More Standard and Non-Standard Uses

In addition to the listed business cases, there are many more areas of Teamspect utilization.

In addition to General Employee Engagement efforts, several non-standard uses of Teamspect platform have been identified and explored. The most notable examples are:

General Employee Engagement

Even without a particular concern, such as Merger or Change Management, every organization shall benefit from practicing a discipline of continuously caring about their employees. There are uncountable many approaches and Teamspect can help you started with some or support approaches of your choice. Either way, Teamspect will provide immense value to your organization.

Customer Engagement

We have seen projects resulting in significantly higher success rate and smoother progress when including client representatives in social and engagement activities.

Real story:

A crazy group of engineers decided to go out for a lunch at a local famed Chinese restaurant. They ran into some visitors in the hallway, apparently not sure what to do for lunch. Of course, the engineers askem the visitors to join them.

The lunch was a good fun, the visitor ladies had good time.

Turns out they were from a new, big client. As many other big projects, this client had eventually problems with some parts of the project but this lunch created unexpected willingness on both sides to pause and consider the other side’s view.

Resulting in a big success.

Pre-hire Engagement

In competitive markets, it is sometimes not enough to engage current employees. Reaching to hire candidates or even just target groups may be necessary to compete with giants in a particular area or market. Teamspect solutions again can provide ideas, tools and automation.

Professional Network building

Teamspect has been used succesfully in building professional networks in highly personal, face-to-face connection-building interactions.

The biggest values Teamspect provides are:

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