Organizations Going Through Change

People fear the unknown.

People also fear change - primarily because it is unknown.

When your organization is in a need of a transformation you need to start planning your team engagement efforts early on. The change will naturally associate in people’s minds with a threat. Your engagement efforts will be there to both make it less of a change, as well as less of an unknown. If you do it right, your team members will not only accept what needs to be done, but also help shape the transformation towards the new organization.

Preparing the Team

In the times before the changes, you should use campaigns that are creating connections, respect and trust both horizontally and vertically, with slightly elevated focus on vertical connections.

  1. The campaigns should be in broad areas (wellness, social, lunches, work ideations, etc)
  2. The vertical campaigns can be some of executive-specific campaigns from the Gallery (Executive Walk, Lunch with CEO, etc) or general campaigns focused on vertical connectedness

Uncertainty During the Change

An organization transformation takes time. Deciding what departments stay, merge with others, and how the departments will function and interact is a long process that does not settle down for some time. Guiding employees through the uncertainty is imperative to success.


These problems cannot be addressed without having the executive team, all the way up to the CEO, being involved, visible, and listening. Teamspect’s assistance will be:

  1. training and reminders for managers and executives, focusing on communicating regularly the status of the transformation
  2. scheduled regular company-wide presentations (directions and visibility), balanced with
  3. small-group events and campaigns focused on connecting the managers with the team
  4. in feedback, soliciting and tracking opinions, suggestions, concerns

Layoffs and Departures

Layoffs are a frequent evil of transformations. Culturally, layoffs are heavily damaging. People will see their close coworkers being let go for “no reason” which leads to trust issues, and doubts whether to stay with the company. Communicating with employees and being honest offers hope of mitigating the consequences of layoffs and departures.


Same as the Uncertainty During Change above, it is extremely critical for executives and managers to lead the team through the times of layoffs and departures. Teamspect provides support to managers via:

  1. reminders to provide frequent, regular and honest updates on plans and vision
  2. adjust the campaigns to focus on building empathy within the business units to reinforce the feel of support from closest coworkers
  3. feedback and measurements focused on job safety, satisfaction and alignment with company mission

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