Wellness Programs

Every organization should facilitate Wellness programs to encourage employees to be as healthy and happy as they can be.

Implementing a Wellness program doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, and doesn’t have to take a lot of time from the organizers.

Teamspect Wellness campaigns can be used to easily facilitate a Wellness program, drawing from a growing library of Wellness Activities. Teamspect tracks the participants, encourages Wellness activities, gathers feedback, and helps ensure your entire organization is participating.

Go Analog

Most of Teamspect ready-to-go campaigns follow simple principles that contribute to the participants’ physical and mental health.

Teamspect strongly supports so called “analog” events, away from any technology distractions, screens, ringtones, messengers, emails, Dilbert and Facebook. You and your colleagues should regularly have time for human-to-human interaction, connecting with each other.

Yes, it’s weird: using technology to push people away from technology… All we can say is that it works!

Lake Walk

One of the easiest, least expensive, still powerful activities is a regular walk outside.

Richard: In one of my previous jobs, after the lunch, we would go for a half an hour walk around the near lake.

It would be often different people, who would join and we would walk to a “red post” and back. The views were always stunning, even in bad weather - I remember once it was just two of us in a heavy snowstorm.

And the red post really became a thing.

“Red posting today?”

“Ummm, OK, I’ll go”

The effect of a non-strenuous team activity (that even engineers can do), combined with nature’s beauty is unbelievably refreshing.

Enjoy reminders, group selection (best talk is 3-4 people) and tracking done by Teamspect.


Have you ever heard of a company called BikeBus? Imagine a bus coming to your office, having no seats just a bunch of stationary bikes, ready to take you to a pond, ocean view or nearby mountains.

Richard: I met Seema at a startup event and she is awesome, caring person and their idea is just excellent!

What if Teamspect suggested and facilitated events like this for you?


BikeBus is just one of many ideas that the crowdsourced activity repository can do. Whether it is adding Tai-Chi group exercise, a unique provider like BikeBus, or special passes to a local gym, Teamspect can help. The platform will also facilitate the logistics, reminders, and other boring details.

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