Onboarding Programs

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Teamspect provides a variety of campaign types that can help to connect newly hired employees with the rest of the organization. We automatically facilitate helping the new employee make connections with key personnel through the organization. We help build trust and rapport that will go a long way to helping your new employee become a productive and happy member of the organization.

Meet the CEO

One of most powerful experiences for a new employee is meeting with some of The Magnificent Seven - CEO, CFO, COO, …

Teamspect has pre-packaged programs that can schedule events for groups of new employees to meet with one or more executives. These programs automatically send invitations – including calendar invites – to the new employees, using available time slots and locations (e.g. conference rooms). The software also keeps track of who attended, sends updates when something changes, and gathers feedback and suggestions.

Also, if the culture is going to be great, most of these new employees will stay long enough to be influential team members in their own departments. Properly mixing the new hires across departments and divisions will create seeds for personal connections, empathy and trust between the departments themselves.


Since most of the new employees need to learn how to function in the team, its processes, facilities and technologies, many organizations use a concept of assigned mentors to guide new hires through the new waters.

Teamspect can match new employees with eligible mentors, provide regular suggestions for mentoring activities and collect feedback of the progress.

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