Hyper-Growth → Consequences

Successful hypergrowth companies are the most susceptible to having employee engagement problems, while the problems are often masked by the current business success.

The team members don’t get a chance to know each other, build empathy, and teamwork, while working within a fast and evolving business. Their interactions are becoming anonymous, following evolving processes that create a false perception of justified “jerkism”. Before you know, you end up with silos and the term “THEM”.

Hyper-Growth → Solutions

Hypergrowth companies are data and tools driven – the Teamspect approach is no different, just facing inwards.

Even for hypergrowth companies that are quite aware of employee engagement risks and problems, Teamspect is just an automation tool to make their efforts easy and self-driving, while offering full control, reporting, and integration.

“Aggressive businesses can also be caring businesses.”

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