Distributed Teams

While technology these days can cover assignment, execution, and tracking of work being done remotely, remote locations are - and will stay - a problem from the work-social perspective.

Trust and empathy is extremely difficult to build without physical face-to-face interactions.

Remote Employees

Whether you have individual employess working remotely most of the time, or you have whole groups in remote locations, their integration into the whole team is critical for efficient communications, teamwork and productivity.


The best results in building empathy, trust and teamwork are via face-to-face interactions. When the team is physically separated, these face-to-face interactions are rare. Teamspect provides the following solutions:

  1. replace co-located events with creative remote events,
    • using best possible technology such as personal video calls, or
    • suggest creative additions to regular remote interactions
  2. suggest bringing people to different locations (and not only to headquarters) for getting better chances to meet, work together in person, and get better feel for the locations
  3. measure the effects of the efforts above, identify less connected locations and individuals, and include this knowledge in future event proposals


In some cases the remote locations are more-or-less independent units or branches, relatively balanced in their sizes and roles in the whole organization. This often leads to competitivness among the branches, which is typically welcome by the organization.

While friendly competitivness can be good, a lack of respect and empathy between the branches can lead to less cooperation towards the common goal.

In this situation, Teamspect campaigns will be setup to reinforce empathy and respect across the branches.

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